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Summer employment applications must be submitted by April 1st of each year, prior to the start of summer. Please call or email summerjobs@timberlineadventures.com

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What makes a Timberline Adventures’ Wilderness Leader?
Timberline Adventures isn’t your average adventure group, so our leaders are anything but the norm. First, we’re committed to outdoor discovery that perfectly combines the components of challenge and fun. Second, we’re committed to the personal growth and lifelong friendships that develop between team members when faced with challenge. Our Wilderness Leaders must reflect and embrace these values.

We offer multi-day and weeklong wilderness programs for families and teenagers both throughout the United States and internationally. Our leaders must possess strong backcountry skills and have experience working with youth (ages 10-18). Timberline Adventures’ leaders focus on teaching wilderness travel and minimum impact living skills, planning backcountry expeditions, fostering constructive group dynamics, facilitating activities and initiatives, overseeing outfitted activities, and ensuring that each person in the group is supported to achieve goals consistent with his or her abilities.

Timberline’s wilderness coed leaders guide groups of up to 15 teenagers through rigorous wilderness trips. The trips are both mentally and physically challenging for leaders and participants, with adventures ranging from 3-30 full days in length. Our leaders and students may participate in backpacking, mountaineering, rock climbing, ice climbing, rafting and ocean kayaking. Experience in these activities is helpful, but not required.

General Requirements:
• Minimum 21 years of age
• Current certification in Wilderness First Responder (WFR), EMT, or WEMT by June of each year.
• Excellent health and physical condition
• Current driver’s license and clear driving record
• Wilderness backpacking experience, both personal and institutional

Wilderness Skill Requirements:
• Ability to carry a 55-pound backpack through rugged terrain for up to 12 hours per day
• Competence with backcountry map and orienteering/compass technique
• Familiarity with minimum impact camping techniques for backcountry travel
• Ability to plan the logistics (food, fuel, etc.) for 3-30 day backcountry trips for groups of up to 15 people
• Backcountry cooking skills
• Solid expedition behavior
• Ability to oversee (but not guide) outfitted activities such as rafting, rock climbing, kayaking etc.

Personality Requirements:
• Safety conscious
• Positive and optimistic
• Patient when working with adolescents
• Energetic and enthusiastic
• Team player mentality
• Organized and efficient

Recommended Experience and Training:
• Teaching
• Group Leadership
• Emergency Medical Care
• Camp Staff
• Coaching
• Natural Sciences
• Wilderness Expeditions
• Extended Backcountry Experience

Recommended Teaching and Communication Skills:
• Ability to listen and articulate ideas
• Ability to organize groups
• Ability to motivate others
• Ability to offer and receive feedback openly
• Ability to work effectively with people from diverse backgrounds
• Ability to work effectively under stressful conditions

General Information
Timberline Adventure trips are challenging for our staff both mentally and physically Wilderness leaders are responsible for groups of 10-15 students for 3-30 days, 24 hours a day. Our trips will test the patience of any leader—quick tempers and impatient personalities are not an option for Timberline Staff. On the other hand, being a wilderness leader can be an incredibly rewarding experience, giving you the opportunity to introduce young people to the wilderness and to develop friendships with both fellow leaders and participants.

The Timberline Adventures hiring period runs from October until late April, so please send in your application today. There is no official application closing date, but the sooner you send it in, the better your chances of being hired!

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