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..."Timberline Adventures will bring their years of guiding experience and easy rapport with students to any trip they plan. They're easy to work with, fully competent, and enthusiastic. I highly recommend Timberline Adventures for planning and execution of a safe, fun, and educational backpacking trip."
Nancy G. Hughes, Science Teacher and Sponsor, Young Explorers Club, Dallas Independent School District, 2000

"Just wanted to thank you for our October backpacking trip to the Ouachita National Forest...The kids loved the whole process, and I know I had a grand time!...It was the perfect introduction to backpacking for our group...Thank you again for your time and patience. It was organized, interesting and rewarding...I would be happy to act as a reference for future group trips if you ever need one."
--Elizabeth Holzheimer, Parent, 2001--

"On behalf of the City of Plano Parks and Recreation Deparment, let me say thank you to you and Timberline Adventures for providing the opportunity to experience orienteering...everyone had a good time, enjoyed the activities, and learned alot...I would like to express our gratitude to you for your time and for helping us to provide a fun and enlightening day to out residents. We are confident our citizens become more aware of their environment each year."
--Karen Williams, City of Plano, Parks and Recreations Department Director, 2003--

"I highly recommend Timberline Adventures as a fun and educational experience for individuals and youth groups who want to expereince nature through camping and backpacking."
--Sandy Fine, Girl Scout Leader, Ozark Caving Adventure Summer 2003--

"...During the entire time up to the trip date James did a great job of communication. He answered numerous questions by email and phone. His enthusiasm for the trip, explanation of what to expect and description of safety measures were reassuring. It was evident that my girls would be safe with him and learn good skills. The trip went extremely well, the girls had a fabulous time. It isn't often that a teenager will talk to parents for hours about their experiences. James and the Timberline Adventures Company truly provide excellent customer service...I want to thank you for providing my girls a chance to go on this great experience..."
--Rita Messimer, Parent, Ozark Caving Adventure Summer 2003--

"Timberline Adventures offers outdoor learning experiences that create wonderful lifelong memories. Their experienced staff, excellent equipment and organized itineraries provide kids with a new sense of adventure and desire for the great outdoors."--Steve Shoquist, Parent, DeGoyler Elementary Spring Trip, 2004--

"It was a great ending to a great week and all of us are planning to keep in touch. Ashley, Alyssa and I are trying to find another "TIMBERLIIIIINE ADVENTURE!!" to go on together. That was literally the best week of my life, and I met a lot of new friends and we learned a lot too. How to pitch a tent, how to pack a backpack, how to cross a river safely, how to use a dragonfly stove, what to do when there's lightning and how to correctly wear and use a backpack, etc. I had a great time. Thank You." --Brennan Tapp, Age 12, Girl Scouts Ozark Caving Adventure Summer 2004--

“My friend and I went on a Timberline Adventures trip, and had a lot of fun…We made friends with everybody and we still e-mail them everyday. We came so close to everyone, all of us cried when the trip was over and we want to do it again next year.” --Karin Irsch, Age 12, Girl Scouts Ozark Caving Adventure Summer 2004--

"I have never gone on a camping trip half as rewarding and exciting as this one. The places are amazing, the food is good, the people are cool, what more could you ask for? This was the most powerful bonding experience of my life. I think everybody cried when they had to leave. I left with some really good friends. Thanks." --Alyssa Tharp, Age 14, Girl Scouts Ozark Caving Adventure Summer 2004--

"I think when I was on the trip, I didn't realize how lucky I was. I was in a beautiful place, with simply amazing people, having the time of my life. Everybody bonded together so well, and I made friends that hope to keep for a very long time. It was so rewarding to go somewhere, and see something other than Plano, Texas. These trips leave you with a feeling of happiness and completion that you'll never forget." --Ashley Tharp, Age 15, Girl Scouts Ozark Caving Adventure Summer 2004--

"The slideshow pictures from the backpacking trip made me cry. These are the kinds of life enriching experiences and memories that I want for my daughters. Invaluable!" --Donna Tharp, Parent, Girl Scouts Ozark Caving Adventure Summer 2004--

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